dave knode
video | graphics specialist
Here is a quick snapshot of what I do.
• 30+ year veteran of corporate & special event production work
• Well known for reliable, flawless execution of critical high profile events
• Quick & thorough troubleshooter
• Exceptional customer service skill set
• Often called upon to interface with the most demanding & critical end clients
• Innovative & resourceful design/engineer
• Trusted, and often requested resource to top national production companies
• Available for work worldwide
Positions most often booked for:
• High Res Engineer/Switcher

• Media Server Designer/Operator

• Mac Based DDR Op and On-site Editor, Record Op

• Cutting edge technology positions

• Graphics Operator
• Projectionist & LED Wall Tech

 • Multi-Camera Flypack Engineer & EIC

 • IMAG & Multi Screen Video Director/TD

• Production Designer

Combined Positions
- Leveraging my extensive past experience & education in live sound engineering and lighting design, I'm an excellent candidate for filling critical roles where a single technician must wear multiple hats. Or, must head multiple departments in order to reduce traveling position counts and provide a competitive advantage.

• Universal Video Op (Projection/Switcher/Tape/Graphics)
• Lighting Director combined with audio, video, teleconference, or webcast positions
• Audio Engineer/Graphics/Switcher for small sessions with sporadic requirements
• Project Manager/Coordinator

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background & experience
If many of these descriptions are unfamilier to you, welcome to the club. My mom still doesn't know how to explain to her friends what her son does either.
(Barco-E2/S3 Specialist Certified, Analog Way, Vista Systems-Spyder 300 Series Certified, Extron, etc.)

(Watchout version 5 & 6, PVP2, Mullumen.)

(Playback Pro, AVPlayback, PVP, FCP, Resolve, After Effects, Premiere, Experience with all common DDRs)

(IPTV & IP Satellite Engineer, Teleconference & Webcast Specialist)

(Powerpoint, Keynote, & Photoshop Specialist, Superwide, Multi head/output experience)

(Converged & Blended projection, Christie AutoStack Op, Absen Certified LED Engineer)

(Sony, Hitachi, Grass Valley Camera Shader, Flypack Design Engineer)

(2-7 Camera shoots, Experienced Carbonite & For-A HVS Series Switchers up to 6 M/E)

(Overall Conceptual Design, Rigging & Scenic Layouts, Vectorworks CAD & Renderings)