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General Policy & Ethical Commitment
The audiovisual production industry has, and will continue to be highly competitive.
Production companies are very protective of their valuable client relationships and operations. End clients have also become extremely careful as they disclose valuable intellectual property during meetings and want to retain sole control of their particular brands.
Understanding this, I've adopted a general policy statement regarding the ethics that I operate under.

I will not purposefully disclose any information related to any event that I am currently working on, or have worked on in the past without permission.
I will not purposefully disclose any information regarding any of my client's accounts, or operations to other competing vendors.

I intend to support my client's business interests during all communication with their clients.
I intend to support the companies that utilize my services regularly, by promoting their service offerings when I encounter leads that I consider to be a good fit.

My hope is that companies who are considering me will rest assured that I will not share any information about them, their operations, or their accounts with other competitors, contractors, or clients.
I travel extensively and am always encountering fellow travelers who are attending or responsible for meetings and events. Companies that are considering the use of my services can expect that I will promote them in the general marketplace as I work with them and understand their service offerings.

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Labor & Billing Terms
Below are the general terms that I post as a baseline expectation guiding my working relationship with those who hire me. In a competitive environment, all terms are always negotiable in advance of booking. I routinely accept the hiring company's general terms in order to streamline the booking and payment process.

Reservations and bookings are considered a contract. When under contract for an agreed upon period. I will post my unavailability to relevant booking agencies and decline other offers that conflict with this contract period. I expect those companies that book me, to understand that they have exclusively purchased my time and have made a commitment to compensate me for this time. Even if changes occur that renders my services unnecessary, they have agreed to compensate me.

Once reserved, confirmed or booked, I consider contract payment obligations to be met in the same fashion that I would be expected to perform the work that I have been booked for. However, circumstances periodically arise that may require cancellation. In the case of cancellation of a reservation or booking initiated by the client, I expect the hiring party or client to either fulfill their obligations to some degree via payment of a cancellation fee, or by some other reasonable remuneration. An example of such would be to bring me in to perform shop work, or commit to hiring me on another job, etc. In the event that I must initiate a cancellation, I would endeavor to source a suitable replacement. I would endeavor to communicate any information related to the project to my substitute. I would not expect payment for any work that was not performed in the event that I initiate a cancellation.

In the absence of other terms. Payment for services is expected to be rendered within a reasonable period of time following the conclusion of the event. Thirty days is the expectation.
For on-site additions, More time may be considered reasonable.

Late Payment Fees
Unless otherwise negotiated, Late payment fees of $30 per month shall be applied to client accounts that remain outstanding beyond thirty days from the invoice date.

Insurance, workers comp, taxes
Dave Knode makes no representation that he is providing insurance, indemnity, workers compensation, or tax withholdings for any person(s) being billed directly by Dave Knode. Dave can be booked through several agencies that can provide these additional services. Please contact Dave for details.

Dave is typically booked and paid based on an industry standard ten hour day. The hours are calculated from the call time to release. Half days are considered a four hour call with a one hour grace period. Half days are typically billed at a rate that is half of the day rate. Should a half day call extend beyond the fifth grace period hour, then the rate will convert to a full day rate and be billed at a ten hour minimum. If booked for a half day, no availability is guaranteed beyond five hours from the call time. Availability is expected but not guaranteed beyond ten hours on full day bookings unless scheduled in advance.

Overtime is billed at one and a half times the hourly rate derived from dividing the full day rate by ten. Overtime is billed hourly for work performed beyond the tenth hour from call time, and until the 14th hour worked. Doubletime is double the hourly rate and is billable hourly for work performed beyond the 14th hour worked until the 18th hour or released. Triple time is three times the hourly rate. Tripletime is billed hourly beyond the 18th hour worked. Doubletime or Tripletime may also be activated as a result of meal penalties.

Meal breaks & penalties
Meal breaks are necessary in order to maintain productivity. Meal breaks typically last one hour, and occur near the middle of a ten hour work period coinciding with a standard meal time. Meal breaks are included as part of the work day and not deducted from billable hours. If the client provides a hot meal on-site, then a thirty minute meal break will be considered acceptable. Should a work call go six hours without a meal break, the seventh hour and all subsequent hours will be billed at time and a half, or the next higher overtime rate until a meal break is provided.

Turnaround is incurred when there is less than ten hours between release from the previous call and the next work call. Turnaround results in the work being billed as one continuous call minus the break. Thus, overtime, doubletime and tripletime would be triggered on their respective thresholds from the start of the first call, counting only hours worked. Turnaround rate continues until a break 10 hours or longer is provided.

Split Calls
Split calls can be any combination of full or half day calls separated by at least a four hour break if agreed to in advance of the booking. Both calls must begin on the same date.
Dark Days
Dark days are non-working days during a run of work that has been traveled in for and agreed to in advance of booking. Dark days are billed as a half day rate.

Work Environment
Dave Knode reserves the right to discontinue the performance of his duties and/or leave the work site immediately, should he determine that the work environment has become unsafe, or the continuance of work will result in elevated risk or endangerment to any party. This includes inclement weather conditions at work sites with outdoor exposure. Notice will be made to the hiring party as soon as possible.

All travel expenses to show sites outside of the Charlotte, NC metro area are typically the responsibility of the client. These expenses include; airfare, parking, ground transportation, lodging, taxes & tolls. Travel days are typically billed as straight time beyond the day or half day minimums. When traveling across time zones, the release time is calculated in the time zone of the originating location. Hours are calculated from two hours before the scheduled flight time, until checked into the technician's room.

Per Diem
Per-diem is expected for every day traveling or on-site, outside of the Charlotte, NC metro area. Receipt of per-diem is expected in advance of the last business day before departure. Per-Diem is calculated on the current IRS M&E rate for the city or region being traveled to.

Dress Code
Unless otherwise indicated, the following dress code will be observed; black shirt and black pants or jeans, black shoes and socks. Business casual must be requested in advance. Any clothing that is specifically required beyond show blacks or business casual, is to be provided by the client at their sole expense.